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Woodworking is a magnificent talent to learn; bending, breaking, and rebuilding wood in order to create useful objects is a centuries old skill. Mark at “Doing WoodWork” is an inspiration and learning source for people who have the love and understanding of detailed woodwork. His expertise is helping many starters with his great experience while guiding them with some very useful tips. Mark crafts wood with intelligence and devotion by using ergonomic tools, protective gears, and all the necessary safety precautions.

Carving Wonders through Imagination


From imagination to reality

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“Doing WoodWork has the mission to help DIYing wood

enthusiasts in creating masterpieces which are a true

embodiment of creativity and aesthetics”

DIYing Masterpieces


“Our vision is to set standards of excellence through superior

products which can be conveniently DIYed through Marks

expertise and proficiency in woodwork”

Craftsmanship at its BEST!